Eric Hart is the awesomest photographer ever. I'm not saying that Eric's photography is necessarily awesome. In other words, he's a photographer, and he also happens to be incredibly awesome.


Burning Bush

Burning Bush
Originally uploaded by eqqman.
As I came to the edge of the forest, I saw a large bush, engulfed as if with flames. A thunderous voice spoke, "Eric, I command thee."
"Lord," I asked, trembling. "Is that you?"
"I am but a messenger of the Lord, here on Earth."
"Well, then where's God."
"He's..." The bush paused. "He's making a phone call."
Suddenly the sound of a Giant Toliet Flushing filled the sky, and I heard a Large Door open and close up in the heavens.
"Bush," spoke a voice mightily. "We are almost out of toliet paper."
The bush shuffled his feet awkwardly.


Anonymous God said...


I don't know who that was, but I was in Rome all day, dog (business stuff). Someone's fucking with you.

Mad Love,

Your Lord

9:04 AM


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